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  A UNIQUE AND INNOVATIVE EXPERIENCE  the Original Alphorn Concertos
  Leopold Mozart
Sinfonia Pastorella

Giovanni D’Aquila
The great Horn of Helm

Ferenc Farkas
Concertino Rustico

Antonio Iafigliola
Un suono notturno

Nicola Hansalik Samale

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  A UNIQUE AND INNOVATIVE EXPERIENCE  the Original Alphorn Concertos  
alphorn and organ   alphorn and organ
Carlo Torlontano
Massimiliano Pitocco
classical accordion

  …both part of the popular and traditional culture
for centuries the Alphorn and Classical Accordion the have conducted parallel life
without never having occasion to meet among them...

The Duo Alphorn & Classical Accordion was created to promote two instruments of traditional and popular culture in the Chamber Music Festival.
A proposal that introduces also the music by contemporary composers of high quality.
It was also a consequence of the many requests from the Artistic Directors to have the Alphorn in their Chamber Music Festivals.
This has been a great challenge, and the results on the audience were better than what we expected.
An unique and original chamber music proposal which could also fit in small stage, indoors or outdoors, in locations usually used for the Chamber Music.
Thanks to the cooperation with Massimiliano Pitocco, one of the best italian classical accordion player and Professor at the Conservatory of Music “Santa Cecilia” in Roma.

Our repertoire includes music by composers of high quality and among these:
Bach, Dvorak, Farkas, Gleissner, Gubajdulina, Ligeti, L. Mozart, W.A. Mozart, Part, Semionov, Solotarev.
  MASSIMILIANO PITOCCO classical accordion
Massimiliano Pitocco started to study the Classical Accordion with Professor Alessandro Di Zio and subsequently with Professor Max Bonnay in Paris; he graduated at the Superior National Academy of Music of Paris in 1992, at the Academy of Music "Ville de Paris" in 1993 and in the same year, at the "Ile de France" regional competition, winning everywhere the first prize with Gold medal.
Then he graduated with honours in Organ in Pescara with Professor Giovanna Franzoni in 1992 and in Classical Accordion as well in Bari, again with honours in 1994. He also studied  Composition with Professor Edgar Alandia.
Then he specialized in Classical Accordion too with F. Lips, W. Zubitsky, J. Mornet, M. Ellegaard, and in Organ with T. Kopman, D. Roth, L. Rogg and with M. Radulescu in Cremona where he studied for two years.
He won a lot of Classical Accordion international competitions, like the first prize in Castelfidardo (1986 and 1988) and the second prize at the "World cup" held in Switzerland (1989).
He is often invited to conferences and seminars, as well as presiding over the juries of the most important international contests as Castelfidardo and Klingenthal competitions.
After years of study philology baroque, he is considered one of the most important performers and philologists in the world for the J.S. Bach‘s repertoire with the Classical Accordion instrument.
He played all around the world in the most important theaters such as Monaco, Frankfurt, Concertgebouw of Amsterdam, Brussels, Hamburg, Lisbon, Belgrade, Vienna, Paris, Lyons, Luxembourg, Budapest,  Berlin Konzerthaus, Tonhalle in Zurich and Lucerne , Mexico City, Sydney, Tokyo, Yokohama, EAU, Marocco, Brasil, USA, and in the most important theaters in Italy too, such as Parco della Musica in Rome, Venice, Bellini in Naples, Politeama in Lecce, Verdi in Trieste, Pergola in Florence, Verdi in Milan, Massimo and Biondi in Palermo, Piccinni in Bari, Comunale in Bologna etc.  
He also plays the Bandonion and he has been interested in tango music, particularly in A. Piazzolla's music and in 1998 he founded the Four for Tango quartet, in 2000 the TrisTango and later in 2006 the Sextet “Viento de Tango”.
In Switzerland, in 2002 he played and conducted the opera "Maria de Buenos Aires" by A. Piazzolla - H. Ferrer, winning an outstanding success both from public and critics.
He cooperated and  still cooperates with great musicians and actors such as Milva, Luis Bacalov, Ennio Morricone, Ivan Fedele, Sylvano Bussotti, Gidon Kremer, Nicola Piovani, Vinicio Capossela, Michele Placido, Sebastiano Lo Monaco, Leopoldo Mastelloni, David Riondino, Enzo Decaro.
He  recorded a lot of movies and Tv soundtracks as well as lots of compact-discs for record companies like Dynamic, Wergo, Sculture d'aria, Riovalto-Ducale, Wide, Azzurra and MAP.
He holds the chair of Classical Accordion at the "Santa Cecilia" Academy of Music in Rome and he has been giving masterclasses at Portogruaro Festival, Pescara Music Academy, Royal Academy of London, Riga Academy, Linz University and Beijing and Tanjin Conservatory.  
  2010 Carlo Torlontano alphorn soloist - p.iva 04323560658